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Noah's Ark Storage Warehouse

Our company, CalebMoves, is opening a new storage facility just west of Capital Paradise. We have 29 storage rooms for rent. The size is 3.5 meters wide, by 3 meters deep, by 2.7 meter high. The location is 2.7 kilometers southwest of the Capital Airport. It is due west of Capital Paradise and Gahood.

The location is in the Xi Bai Xin Village just behind Mrs Shanen's Bagels. The general manager of the company is Mr. Yuanziming. Mr Yuan has been in the shipping business here in Beijing for the last two years.

You can view the company web site at

Building 5, gate 1, 1201
8 YunJing Dong Lu, TongZhou district
Beijing, 101121

Rental Charges per room: 400 rmb per month plus insurance at 1.1% value of items per month. We also offer the following services:

  1. You can come and use your storage room at will. You will have the key.
  2. All storage rooms will have double lock gates and barred windows.
  3. There will be 24 hour security on site.
  4. We will guaranty all items against loss, theft or damage. Full payment in three days according to your list of items stored.
  5. We will have a contract that will be binding in all our business dealings. You will have a copy and we will keep a copy on site.
  6. The contract can be viewed Here. (PDF file 50Kb)

Calebmoves offers international shipping, domestic shipping and storage.

We will also provide boxes, tape, and various other wrapping materials used for packing and moving furniture.

The size of the boxes are 30 cm by 40 cm by 60 cm and are 12 rmb per box.
We have a money back guaranty on our boxes, and we will replace any boxes that are not up to quality.
We will come to your house to pack up your boxes and wrap up your furniture, we will load up all your items and deliver them to your new residence.
Our packing fee is 4 rmb per box.
Fragile items can be boxed but the price is higher.

sample contract (PDF file 50Kb)